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Solving Problems with Creative Solutions

When you work with Neon Loon Communications, you’ll get inspired designs and thoughtful copy fueled by a strategic approach tailored to your organization and audience. We learn your business, develop your voice, and create results. We don’t expect you to take our word for it, either.

Complex Concepts Simplified

If a project achieves major accomplishments but nobody understands it, those wins will likely go unnoticed. If a marketing plan holds water, it will be able to relay critical information in a way the core audiences will understand. Designing and paying for a massive, multi-billion-dollar infrastructure project comes with intricacies that can be challenging to understand without an engineering or finance degree. We broke down the complexities into a series of 101-level animated videos for the Metro Flood Diversion Authority.

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Fostering Business Growth

We’re proud to work with clients who are among the top experts in their fields. They know their business stories, but they don’t always have the in-house capabilities to successfully relay those stories. That’s where we come in. When a trucking company had the opportunity to pitch for a multi-million-dollar contract, they needed a presentation that reflected why they were worthy. We developed a branded template for their ongoing use and evolved that into a sales presentation that helped seal the deal.

Preserving History & Celebrating the Present

The legacy created by American Legion Baseball dates back a century, and the organization’s commitment to youths is renewed every season as new teams of high schoolers don the uniform and begin practice. A pre-made website template didn’t give the organization the ability to showcase its history nor keep up with the regular updates needed throughout the season. Now, fresh website copy and an open-source design allow visitors to easily find what they need on this award-winning website.

Humanizing a Major Infrastructure Project

We tend to connect well with images of others. Whether we know them or not, we’re more likely to be drawn in when we see another face. These real people and their experiences can often tell a better story than straight facts and details. In the case of a roughly $3 billion infrastructure project that had been met by some resistance early on, those personal stories help personalize the many aspects involved with a project of its magnitude and show why it matters. In this video series, titled Faces of the Diversion, a variety of people working on the FM Area Diversion project share their stories and provide a personal connection to a massive series of structures. Their stories are repurposed online, used on social media channels, and edited into short-form content, allowing the organization to benefit from the content in many formats.

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