Neon Loon Salutes Women Veterans

Neon Loon salutes all veterans, but today, International Women’s Day, we give a hearty salute to all the women who have nobly served our country. This tribute, which is comprised of real stories from female veterans across Minnesota, is dedicated to all the women who have returned from war to discover they were invisible next […]

Cheers, Women in Construction!

Cheers to all the women rocking jobs in construction! It’s Women in Construction Week, which warrants a big thank you to those designing and constructing the buildings we work in, the homes we live in, the roads we drive on, and so much more. It’s also time to raise awareness of the many career opportunities […]

Neon Loon Salutes Bernie Wagner

In our first Neon Loon Salute, I chose to feature Retired Lt. Col. Bernie Wagner. As a Valley City, North Dakota, native who also served an Army National Guard unit in that small town, I felt a connection to Bernie before we even began the interview. Although he passed away in 2015, I’m sharing this […]

7 Tips + 7 Prompts for Family Interviews

Amy working with coffee

With the holiday season upon us, many are making plans with family members, some of whom we may not see often. I encourage you to take some time to capture their stories. Life truly is short. In the past six months, I’ve lost my mother and mother-in-law, and several dear friends have lost parents, a sister and a daughter. This isn’t something to put off.

Why Neon Loon?

A lot of thought and research goes into selecting a business name. Here’s our story.